A Novella by Jak Holding in the Simon Vector Universe

Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale of Terror by Jak Holding

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Correction is a Novella, set in the Universe of Simon Vector. As such it is a picture in it's own right, independent of the whole, readable by itself. But it is also a part of a bigger composed image, from afar it might mean nothing, we might not miss anything, but from close-up it makes a few things so much clearer. And like in comic books of old we are given a glimpse, or two, at what is --would be-- happening in another of the composing pictures.

The ghoulish mature style of the Simon Vector Universe is a constant with this novella but the nature of the character who is the focus of the adventure, one Gerald Ruhming, gives it darker undertones. Because of this there is a Parental Advisory on the e-book, recomending it be read by Mature audiences only, not so much because an YA audience might not be used to it, after all it has many elements in common with "slasher" movies, but because there is a different level of intimacy, so to speak, when reading about it than there is when watching from a safe distance. As the authors state "tales of such monsters are seldom gentle".

Correction allows us to understand better, to know, the character of Gerald Ruhming who will later become known as The Mad Doctor of Mars. Jak Holding again plays with what is happening, moving forward, as well as with what has happened, looking back, in order to present with a better psychological profile of the Doctor. At the end, if nothing else, we are left without a particular weight being put toward whether monsters like him are made or born.

While the story pulls us deep into the twisted mind of Gerald we are also presented with his latetest victim and a pair of Martian Territorial Police who want to find her, need to find her and catch the perpetrator once and for all. As the adventure progresses they bump into Jayson Boothe, who will be the focus of the next novella, to be just as quickly dragged forward by the events unfolding around them as they keep on looking for the deranged serial killer that is on the loose on Martian soil.

As novellas go Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale of Terror is neither too short nor too long, there isn't much more to tell without getting too descriptive with the kind of details that the authors would rather avoid, even on an e-book recommended for mature readers. After all, it isn't about the macabre or the grotesque, those things just happen to be part of the character we are dealing with, so there isn't a need to fill the work with unnecessary blood. When it is all over, we certainly know why The Mad Doctor of Mars had to be locked away even if it isn't of importance to him.

Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale of Terror by Jak Holding

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