A Novella by Jak Holding in the Simon Vector Universe

Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice by Jak Holding

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Imperial Marshal Jayson Boothe is the kind of individual that when left with no choice will fight for whatever he is left to believe in, to rely on, and when bringing a serial killer before the law seems an impossible task he will risk everything to at the very least bring him to justice, no matter the price.

There is a killer on the loose and Marshal Boothe has been on its track for already two years, following it since the first crime. Watching its every passing. Learning how it thinks, having to see what it does to the victims, families all. Never a clue. Every crime scene wiped clean. Every time too late to do anything. He is getting incredibly frustrated and angry. He just needs a break in his luck to catch him and be done with Mars.

But when that break comes, when he finally might get a clue to whom he has been following all this time he learns why he wasn't, why he shouldn't have. Why now maybe it is his life in the line and that of his family. He needs to think fast not just to save the next possible victims but himself. The solution he comes to is incredible and almost impossible but he has to make it happen, so he can be safe, his wife and daughter can be out of harms way, and the killer can be where it belongs.

Marshal Boothe is a different character from that of Gerald Ruhming thus his adventure reads more like a traditional detective/thriller noir novel. It still is the Simon Vector Universe, it still has that darkish and unforgiving tone but it doesn't go into exploring the most macabre sides of the crimes, although plenty can be inferred from the shadow play behind the narrative curtain, if so wanted.

Corruption falls into the category of a novella and thus includes short glimpses to the previous and future issues without breaking the flow or sounding out of place. The length felt appropriate and the pace is good, easy to read, we don't miss a beat as things move from detective work to a more brutal hands-on approach.

As characters go Imperial Marshal Jayson Boothe is certainly one of the good-guys and his Tale of Justice allows us to understand him better, to know why we find him in that other adventure, in that so unlike him state, when we are running around the high-security prison known as Alpha Draconis.

Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice by Jak Holding

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