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Impression After Playing the Alpha in its Iteration 16

Considering it is in an Alpha state it is nicely playable and serves as a great example of the overall gameplay concept. There are some inevitable rough edges here and there and a few things that will most likely evolve in their implementation but even so the offer, so far, is entertaining, engaging and, above all, fun.

For a 155 MB download the Alpha offers quite a bit of content. We have a series of Tutorials that become useful to learn the piloting part of the game as well as how to properly use its more RTSy side in the Tactical Mode. Then we have a couple of Campaign missions where we can put everything into a real world practice. And there is even an Instant Combat option as well as a level Editor to spend a little more time checking out how everything works and behaves.

Even in its current state I haven´t had any major problems with the installation except for a couple of hang ups that threw me to the system. There are a few things that still look odd and maybe are just placeholders but nothing that gets in the way of testing the gameplay or the experience. The missions even allowed me to play the position of defender and then attacker which left me wanting more.

Fight With Us combat video for Void Destroyer

Piloting small ships is the first thing we learn with the tutorials and as long as we have assisted flight on there is nothing particularly new. But once we turn it off we have total control of the ship and have to follow Newtonian physics in order to maneuver. Without assistance once we have impulse in one direction we can´t change it unless we use our thrusters, in this case the mouse (joystick) works as a way to get our bearings but not actually guide our course, and as long as we keep pushing forward there is no "true" limit to our speed.

When it comes to unassisted maneuvering we can see its advantages better when behind the bridge of a large ship, Frigate class and above. The current missions and AI behaviour don´t help show it properly but I can imagine some situations in which total movement control can give a good ship the edge it needs to survive when facing higher numbers in a battle, might not come unscathed but it will certainly be left victorious.

As expected with thruster control we can move unrestricted in 360 degree space. We can even rotate in our own axis (to aim more guns down for example) or turn to show the enemy our side with more weapons. This possibility becomes essential with large slow moving ships which have turrets and gun emplacements spread all over their surface. In particular when we need to aim forward or rotate to put the top side down to harness the increased firepower that is usually located in that spot. It reminds me a little of Battlestations: Midway.

Being a hybrid game there is more than just piloting and combat in Void Destroyer. We can also build bases, ships, stations and shipyards as well as do some research, upgrade the Command ship and manage our resources (ore, energy and crew). Then we can also focus on our global strategy and plan our defenses, repel an onslaught or prepare for the counterattack.

The end result has some relation to the immortal Homeworld and clear influence of the great Star Wolves and/or the ignored and underestimated Pacific Storm games. The Tactical Mode feels, is, promising but there are still a few things that need improving. Moving units can get awkward, playing with fleets isn´t particularly useful, the AI can be seen acting strange. Even so we don´t have to forget that at the end it is just a proof of concept not the final product. As it is I found it entertaining and promising despite its current idiosyncrasies.

Balance isn´t the ideal yet and I had the sensation that my ships were too weak or my enemy´s too strong, or my weapons not powerful enough or their range too short, or too long. In the end, it is an Alfa, and there is still a long way to go but it there is no arguing that the road already traveled has been worth it and that what is to come can only get better.


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