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[ 06/August/2010 ]
Halo: Uprising Graphic Novel

As much as I hate to put it this way it is hard to see Halo: Uprising, the collection of all four comics in one hardcover graphic novel, as anything else but a fan collectible item of the Halo franchise. It lacks story, content, lore and anything and everything in between, it could have easily been a single issue comic. It's narratively simple to the point of being childishly simple (no offense).

It attempts to fill the gap between Halo 2 and Halo 3 but it does so by not adding anything --else-- at all. There are no real characters, no true adventure, no serious plot. I know the amount of space is limited but it could at least have attempted to explain something, or extend something's or somebody's background. It's not as if the Halo Universe lacks material with which to work.

I thought that since Uprising was a set of comics instead of short isolated stories like in the Halo Graphic Novel it would have enough space for the writer to create something with more content, or at least a more elaborated story or adventure. Alas, it didn't happen.

At the end all it offers is a chance encounter in fast forward with scenes of the Master Chief moving around and eliminating Covenant troops in between to increase the length of the work and create a more perceivable link with the Halo Universe.

As it stands Halo: Uprising (as a collection or single issues) is as deep as a T-shirt with the Halo logo or a Master Chief's drawing. At least it looks nice from an artistic point of view which is why it can be an interesting collectible item to have if one really needs to have everything Halo. Other than that, as reading material it offers absolutely nothing, very disappointing.

And on top of that I was lucky to get the Hard Cover edition since the issues themselves took forever to come out, the first one was realeased the 25th of September 2007 the last one on April 2009. The whole series is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maleev, published by Marvel Comics (facts from the Wikipedia).

Delays and lack of narrative aside Uprising sold quite well, something that is probably due to the fact that it belongs to the Halo Franchise, in any other case it wouldn't have reached a collected HC edition.

I would include the plot here but that would spoil everything to those few who still don't have it and might want it to complete their Halo memorabilia collection. Let it be said that the other characters are Ruwan, a hotel concierge, and Myras Tyla a renown singer/artist, that get involved in the war in a rather unusual --slightly forced-- way.

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