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Now, available for download is the January 2013 issue of the J de Juegos e-Zine which features a Books Edition that includes reviews of a selection of ebooks that I read during 2012. Including titles such as Into the Black: Odyssey One, Convergent Space, The Trilisk Ruins, Zero Sum, The Galactic Mage, Death Drop, Simon Vector, Turing Evolved, WetWeb, Stray (Touchstone Trilogy), The Phoenix Conspiracy and many, many more.

Feel free to redistribute the issue (without adding or taking anything), talk about it, inform others of it, visit the authors, read the books, Like them on Facebook and help the Indie Writer know that we care. Also feel free to send a short e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions to feedback(at)jdejuegos(dot)com.

J de Juegos e-zine January 2013 Indie Books Special

J de Juegos e-zine January 2013 Indie Books Special

  • Editorial
  • Various Book Reviews
  • Final Words

High Definition (7,56 MB)
Low Definition (0,79 MB)

J de Juegos e-zine March 2012 Indie Edition

J de Juegos e-zine March 2012 Indie Edition

  • Editorial
  • Reviews and Demo Reviews
  • Games Worth Noting
  • Highlight - Anomaly: Warzone Earth
  • Article - On DRM and Digital Goods
  • Series - Prominent Female Characters / Alyx Vance

High Definition (8,84 MB)
Low Definition (1,28 MB)

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Article Title Date
Book Review | The Plantation by Stella Samiotou-Fitzsimons March/2014
Book Review | Augment: Human Services by Phil Elmore January/2014
Game | Great RPG and Action in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing September/2013
Game | Brief Interview to the Developers of Black Talons August/2013
Game | A First Preview of Aarklash Legacy in Action August/2013
Game | Horizon - A First Impression Preview of the Alpha July/2013
Game | Void Destroyer - Impression After Playing the Alpha in its Iteration 16 July/2013
Opinion | A Farewell to London March/2013

The whole 'going to London' thing happened to me by proxy. I can't say I seriously wanted to come but I can firmly point out that I don't particularly regret it. There are lots of things that I expected, wanted, hoped and was ready for... what I got is something I completely understand but I would have rather it had been different.

Book Review | Corruption: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice by Jak Holding March/2013
Book Review | Correction: A Gerald Ruhming Tale of Terror by Jak Holding March/2013
Opinion | Where does the Industry Think it is Taking Us? February/2013
Opinion | Monster: Nightrider's Vengeance by J.D. Nixx June/2012
Opinion | Turing Evolved by David Kitson May/2012
Opinion | Cyberdrome by Joseph Rhea and David Rhea May/2012
Opinion | WetWeb by Robert R. Haney May/2012
Opinion | Simon Vector by Jak Holding May/2012
Opinion | Into the Black Odyssey One by Evan Currie April/2012
Opinion | Zero Sight by B. Justin Shier August/2011
Opinion | Dragon Age: The Calling December/2010
Opinion | Mass Effect: Retribution December/2010
Opinion | StarCraft: Ghost Academy Manga Style Comic November/2010
Opinion | StarCraft: Frontline Manga Style Comic November/2010
Opinion | Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne by David Gaider November/2010
Opinion | Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant by Karen Traviss October/2010
Opinion | Gears of War: Aspho Fields by Karen Traviss October/2010
Opinion | StarCraft Hardcover Comic Book Collection September/2010
Opinion | Evolutions: Essential Tales of the Halo Universe September/2010
Analysis / Industry | Smartphones | Moving Forward September/2010
Analysis / Industry | Technology | Upgrading in Fast Forward September/2010
Analysis / Hardware | Portable Devices | Rise and Fall of the Tablet September/2010
Opinion | Halo: Legends August/2010
Review / Product | Samsung Monte (S5620) Review/Hands-on August/2010
Opinion | Halo: Helljumper Graphic Novel August/2010
Opinion | Halo: Uprising Graphic Novel August/2010
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